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Vasa Park Resort and Ballroom

Privately owned & operated, Vasa Park is not always open to the public! Please call first as reservations are required.


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3560 W Lake Sammamish Pkwy SE, Bellevue, 98008
(425) 746-3260
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Vasa Park is located near the south end of Lake Sammamish in the city of Bellevue, at the intersection of W LK Samm Pkwy and SE 38th Street.

Swimming, waterskiing, picnicking, camping, boat launch.

Lake Sammamish State Park

StatePark2.jpg Location
The State Park is located at the south end of Lake Sammamish and in the center of King County, bordering the city of Issaquah. Here is a satellite image of the park at the south end.

The park contains 512 acres with 6,858 feet of waterfront on Lake Sammamish.

The area was acquired in nine parcels, between May 1950 and August 1968, for $1,271,851 and a DNR Trust Land acquisition in 1990.

Historical Background
This particular area was the gathering place for different Indian tribes. They held their potlatch on the south end of the lake, played games, gathered berries, hunted and fished for winter use. The word "Sammamish" comes from the Indian "Samena" meaning "hunter".

The area was once important for mining coal, which was transported by train to Seattle.

There is no overnight camping in the park, except for the youth-group camping area in the Hans Jensen section of the park. This area has a capacity for 200 overnight campers and a maximum of 40 cars. There are 36 picnic tables, 12 stoves, a covered picnic shelter, and 4 vault toilets. No sites are designated.

The day use area is authorized 475 picnic tables, 80 barbecue grills on stands, 4 kitchen shelters and 6 comfort stations. A trailer dump station is located in the day use area. There are 761 feet of swimming beach and two bathhouses with dressing rooms and showers. The bathhouses include a concession service which currently is vacant. The play equipment area includes three Big Toys. The sports field here is popular with softball and soccer enthusiasts. The Commission has an agreement with the Issaquah Soccer Club to operate, develop and maintain eight soccer fields. This agreement expires April 15, 2005.

The launch area is located near the Hans Jensen area. It has two 60 X 4 feet and four 40 X 4 feet finger docks spaced among nine 12 X 30 feet launch ramps. There are approximately 250 parking slots for car/boat trailer combinations and a comfort station.

Of Special Interest
The park includes diverse natural wetlands, a large blue heron rookery and the salmon-bearing Issaquah Creek.

Swimming, waterskiing, picnicking, fishing, boating, bird watching.

Contact Info
Washington State Park Information Center:

Washington State Park Picnic/Camping Reservation Center:
888-CAMPOUT or 888-226-7688

Lake Sammamish State Park On-site Office:
20606 SE 56th St, Issaquah, 98027 More information on Park web site. 

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